Why Is This Important?

Our goal will be to create a website that everyone remotely interested in your home will see and not only be wowed by, but we will also have the ability to craft, present and direct all the amazing aspects of your property to potential buyers above and beyond what they will find from any other source- including the MLS. Potential buyers will be able to become familiar with the property before they even step foot in or on the grounds.

There is no end to the detail that we can include and along with some interviews of you, the owners, we will help put people at ease that they are buying not just a property but a home. That distinction between “a property” and “a home” is an important one. Investors want to buy properties. Families and individuals look for homes.

The first impressions and presentation of your property do not start when buyers come to look at the house or do a drive by. They start online.

They say that realtors essentially use the same set of tools to market listings. In this case, that is not true. Because of C.T.’s 10+ years of marketing, technology and social media background, we have the ability to create a web presence that spans unique websites expressly for your home, social media pages, and Google search results, complete with HD video, slideshows and other media.

Normally the cost of web site design, development, SEO work, and video production, added to the cost of standard real estate marketing, would make this a financial impossibility for any but a multimillion dollar property. But using literally the latest in available web and social media technology and coupling it with up-to-date internet know-how, you get cutting edge marketing capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Feel free to compare this site and everything linked to it, to the ultra luxury Goldbranch Estates website: http://goldbranchestates.com/ The Goldbranch Estates had a $1,000,000 marketing budget.

Be sure to visit this site on your smartphone or ipad! And please keep in mind that this is a placeholder website using example photos, limited formatting, old videos, etc. Here are some fun facts for you:

-92%+ of people start their search for real estate online.
-No better way to provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) than to have a branded website unique to the property you want to sell which is more than just an online slideshow with a unique url.

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-According to the National Association of Realtors: “Younger buyers to dominate the luxury market”
“Housing market heats up with young buyers but average real estate agent age 57”


Home Buyer Statistics:
Active home search (median):

Number of weeks searched: 12
Number of homes seen: 10
First-Time vs. Repeat Buyers:

First-time buyers: 39%
Median age of first-time buyers: 31
Median age of repeat buyers: 51
Buyers who definitely would use same agent again: 84%

Actions taken as result of Internet home search:

Walked through a home viewed online: 62%
Found agent used to search/buy home: 32%
Drove by/viewed a home: 76%

Information sources used in home search:

Internet: 90%
Real estate agent: 87%
Yard sign: 53%
Open house: 45%
Newspaper ad: 27%
Home book or magazine: 18%
Source: 2012 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers